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30-70lbs Compoundbogen Set Jagdbogen Pfeil Bögen Jagen Bogenschießen Sportbogen

3.6lbs / 1.6kg. High strength aluminum alloy. Material: Reinforced composite material. 1x brush arrow rest. 1x 5 arrow quiver. 1x 4 pin arrow sight. 1x rubber bow stabilizer. 1x stabilizer for the limbs. Bow Type 3 includes. 6x SP500 Carbon Arrows 30 inches. (Except some countries and APO / FPO).…

June 4th, 2021 30-70lbs

30-70lbs Compoundbogen Set Carbonpfeile Jagdbogen Bogenschießen Sportbogen Jagd

Einzelteil Name: Compoundbogen Set. Bow Riser Material: Hochfeste Aluminiumlegierung. Ziehlänge : 16-31.5 Zoll. Farbe: Schwarz, Camo, Rot Camo, Weiß Camo. 1x Compoundbogen 1x bogen Visier 1x Freigabe Hilfen 1x Bürste Pfeilauflage 1x Gummibügel Riser Stabilisator 1x Wurfarme Stabilisator 1x 5 Pfeil Köcher 6x Carbonpfeile SP500 30 Zoll. (Except some countries…

May 28th, 2021 30-70lbs

30-70lbs Compound Bow 320fps Adjustable Arrows Kit Archery Hunting Target

Item Name: Archery Compound Bow. Mo del :Junxing M129. Col or : Black, Grey. Draw l ength : 19″-31″ adjustable. Draw weight: 30-70 lbs adjustable. IBO arrow speed : 320fps. Brace Height : 7.4. Bow Size :87×35.5×7.3cm. Package Size :92×38.5×10.5cm. Bow weight: about 2.1kg. Material : high strength magnesium alloy…

May 11th, 2021 30-70lbs

30-70lbs Compound Bow Arrows Kit 320fps Adjustable Archery Hunting Target

Item Name: Archery Compound Bow Model:Junxing M129 Color: Black, Grey. Bow Size:87×35.5×7.3cm / 34.2x14x2.8. Draw length: 19″-31″ adjustable Draw weight: 30-70 lbs adjustable IBO arrow speed: 320fps Axle-to-Axle: 32″ Brace Height: 7.4″ Let-off: 80% Package Size:92×38.5×10.5cm Bow weight: about 2.1kg Material: high strength magnesium alloy Package: Bow/Bow kit for your…

April 21st, 2021 30-70lbs