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Anglo Arms Kyudo Hotaka 55lb Compound Bow

ANGLO ARMS KYUDO HOTAKA 55LB COMPOUND BOW. The Kyudo Hotaka is a powerful bow constructed of ABS composite. Plenty of power and a good upgrade if you’re used to beginner bows. However even if you are still a beginner, this is still a great bow to get used to! Draw…

September 1st, 2022 anglo

Anglo Arms Chikara 15-70lb Advanced Compound Bow

ANGLO ARMS CHIKARA 15-70LB ADVANCED COMPOUND BOW. An excellent bow, which offers a high degree of control and comfort to the user. The draw weight is fully adjustable, from 15lb right up to 70lb to suit the individual needs. The Chikara utilises large modern cams for maximum power for the…

August 31st, 2022 anglo

Anglo Arms Rambo compound Bow 55lbs

Anglo Arms Rambo compound Bow 55lbs. With loads of extras. 28pcs spine 500 carbon arrows. Wisker biscuit arrow rest. 3 pin sight with LED light. Extra high quality middle string. Arrow holder mounted on the bow. Only one paint damage on the handle caused by my ring (pic 11). The…

October 19th, 2021 anglo

Anglo Arms 55lb Black Compound Archery Bow Hotaka Outdoors Powerful Right Handed

Anglo Arms Hotaka Bow- 55lb Compound Bow. A 55lb black, compound bow. An extremely powerful bow for a serious archer but at a great price. 41.5 Total Length. Item brand: Kyodo ®, Hotaka ®. The Anglo Arms Hotaka is an incredibly powerful compound archery bow with an impressive 55lb draw…

July 20th, 2021 anglo

Anglo Arms Chikara Bow- 15-70lb Advanced Compound Bow Kit

The Chikara bow is a feature packed high end bow which is ideal for those looking to take archery to the next level. It has an adjustable 15-70lb draw and comes with. 4 x Carbon 31.5 arrows. Whisker biscuit arrow rest. Nock point (Dstring loop). Brand: Anglo Arms, Kyudo Chikara.…

June 29th, 2021 anglo